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Books We Sell

We have a huge variety of books that we sell to our students who attend our studio, as well as others in the community. In order to buy books from our studio you must call in before you show up due to the studio's different hours of business. We would also be able to let you know if we have the particular book you are looking for in stock. Below are some of the books that we have on hand at the studio.

               Piano Adventures                   My First Piano  


              Beatles                                     ChordTime Piano          
   As well as Beyonce                            As well as PlayTime                      
                 Elton John                                              BigTime
and other popular musicians                              ShowTime       

          A Dozen A Day                             Piano Top Hits
    Mini, Preparatory, Bk.1,                 Solo Books Levels.1A,
           Bk. 2, Bk. 3,                                    2,3,4, & 6                             


              Hanon                                     Piano Discoveries                        
 As well as Bach                                        Level 1A
         Beethoven                                                1B
         Burgmuller                                                2A
             Schmitt                                                  4

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