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Anny Chiu received her license as a Yamaha Music Instructor in piano and electronic organ at Yamaha Music Foundation in Hong Kong. She also trained at the Yamaha Music Foundaton in Tokyo, and was promoted as Chief Instructor of the Junior Special Advance Course.
   In 1985, she established the Hong Kong Children's Music Center. From 1990-1997, she was a faculty member of the Royal Conservatory of Music, New York. Since 1998, she has been teaching and running her business in Ft. Wayne.

Robbi Singleton  Received her Bachelor of Art in Music and English from Indiana University at Fort Wayne. She studied Piano Pedagogy as continuing education. she has accompanied other musicians and played in a church group. Robbi has taught for more than 30 years. She has experience in both private and group teaching. She has taught out of her home and through the Community Arts Academy at IPFW.  She currently teaches at Ascendo Piano and St. John the Baptist School.

Maria Mann

Passionate, dedicated, and a fervent advocate of music education, Maria enjoys a dynamic teaching career that has taken her across the United States. Originally from Orange County, California, Maria graduated from California State University, Long Beach and joined the California's Association of Professional Music Teachers, serving as Treasurer and State Honors Auditions Chair. She is an active member of Indiana Music Teachers Association and regularly participates as an AIM examiner. Maria began her musical education at age five with piano lessons, then violin lessons at age ten. Maria has been teaching students as young as 4 years old since 2007.

Scott Alt  was trained in classical piano by his church organist (Royal Conservatory curriculum). He received his bachelor's degree in English at the University of Delaware, and his master's degree in English (magna cum laude) from Southern Illinois University.  He has taught college composition and literature. He is active in his parish, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, and freelances as an internet writer and blogger. Scott has performed publicly in church services, school events and weddings.

Jared Schneider has been involved with music since first playing the piano at age four, then in choirs, playing drums for churches and bands in his early teens, then learning guitar and writing inspired music. He's played at the Three Rivers Festival, Sweetwater, and many venues across the region, is in two recording bands, singing and playing guitar in "My Soul's Revolution" and drumming in "Hazensol". He has even auditioned for The Voice! He hosts an Open mic night at Columbia Street West, has a solo project, and is a session musician for hire.


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